Self Confidence, Body Image and Social Pressure in Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgery Candidates



Background: In Iran, rhinoplasty has seemingly become the most favorite cosmetic surgery in the recent years, yet, there are limited reports about its psychosocial aspects

Objectives: The main goal of this study was to assess self-confidence, body image and social pressure in cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery candidates.

Patients and Methods: Using convenience sampling, 210 participants over the age of 20 years were enrolled in this study. The only inclusion criterion was agreement to participate in the study. A standard Likert-type questionnaire was used for gathering related data. This study was ap¬proved by the Qazvin University of Medical Sciences. All gathered data were analyzed using the SPSS software with 95% Confidence Interval (CI).

Results: Mean and standard deviation of self confidence, body image and social pressure were lower than the normal community. Statistical analyses showed a significant difference between genders only for mean self-confidence (P ≤ 0.05).

Conclusions: Cosmetic rhinoplasty candidates are in lower psychosocial status than the normal population. Researchers proposed a randomized clinical trial with at least a 12-month follow-up, to assess the effects of surgery on psychosocial dimensions of clients.

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