Canadian Pharmacy: Cheap Generic Drugs, Canadian Viagra, Cialis

Canadian Pharmacies: A Better Alternative?

Medical costs in the United States are so high that people regularly skip out on doctors appointments and prescriptions to avoid going bankrupt. If the previous sentence connects with you, there are alternatives that allow you to get your prescriptions without going completely broke.

Many Canadian pharmacies operate online and allow people from other countries to purchase from them. Considering the average generic drug price is roughly 40% lower in Canada than the United States, this is not only a more convenient option but it’s nicer on your wallet as well.

In this article we’ll explain the major pros of ordering your drugs through a Canadian pharmacy as well as potential things to note in your mind too.

The More Affordable Option

Like we mentioned above, Canadian pharmacies offer prescription drugs at a much more affordable rate than the United States. The reason Canadian pharmacies charge so little is because all pharmaceuticals are regulated by the government. That means drug manufacturers can’t charge more for a drug than what is necessary.

While Canada operates this way, the United States is quite the opposite. Drugs aren’t regulated by any government entity, so corporations and manufacturers can set the price to whatever they feel is appropriate and can raise the price at any time.

The best part about Canadian pharmacies is that just about any prescription drug is available to you. Whether you need a specific brand (i.e. Viagra, Cialis for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment) or something generic (i.e. Sildenafil – the generic version of Viagra or Tadalafil), you’re able to purchase these through online websites to be sent to your home.

Convenience is Key

Another reason why Canadian pharmacies are the better alternative to US pharmacies is that they’re convenient and accommodating. For starters, you can order one of two ways: online or over the phone. For anyone who deals with anxiety issues and doesn’t like to venture out into the public during tough times, this is a godsend.

Having the option to order online or over the phone is also beneficial for those who are elderly or have to live with a life-altering injury or sickness.

On top of this, ordering online through a Canadian pharmacy gives you the freedom to choose whether you want to buy the name brand or generic versions of a certain drug rather than just being told to pick up a prescription from a certain pharmacy without actually knowing what you’re going to get.

Online Canadian Pharmacies

Because there are some questionable websites out there, let’s take a minute to go over a few reputable ones you should have no trouble with:

  • CanadianPharmacyMedOnline: This pharmacy has a 24/7 help line, a variety of prescription drug choices, and they regularly offer deals and discounts to their customers. On top of this, they also give you sample pills to try if needed. CanadianPharmacyMedOnline’s drug prices are roughly 70% lower than that of the United States.

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  • CanadianPharmacy247: This online Canadian pharmacy offers a wide range of prescription medication. They have a customer care line available 24hrs. A day and seven days per week. CanadianPharmacy247 also gives you a 100% money back guarantee if you need it. All sales done through the site are encrypted and protected so you don’t need to worry about identity theft.

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  • CanadianMedcenter: While the CanadianMedcenter isn’t technically a pharmacy, they do serve as a connection between you and another reputable pharmacy in their system, that’s why they always offer the lowest prices. Any pharmacy they recommend has been vetted and deemed legitimate. You still order through their website and your payment method is 100% protected.

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Drawbacks of Canadian Pharmacies

Despite this great benefits of going through a Canadian pharmacy, there are also a few other things you should keep in mind. While online ordering this way is entirely legal, not all Canadian pharmacy websites will be legitimate. The Canadian government is generally pretty good at weeding out suspicious websites that sell illegally.

In some cases, these pharmacies that claim to be located in Canada are actually based out of an entirely different continent. Those same pharmacies may even go so far as to sell you fake prescriptions as well.

On another note, online Canadian pharmacies may also have issues keeping certain medication stocked. Because of this, it could take longer than usual to receive your medication.

Closing Thoughts

Although there are a few drawbacks to using Canadian pharmacies, the convenience and affordability they offer is certainly something to think about. The bottom line is if you find yourself struggling to keep up on your prescription payments, Canadian pharmacies can give you the ability to get your meds without stressing out about missing bills.

Canadian pharmacies make living a little bit easier for those who suffer from certain diseases or are getting too old to go out and about regularly. So long as you order through a reputable company,