For all websites you need to note the date that you accessed the information, and database name or web address (URL). You can cite online articles in the same way you would print.

  • WWW document
    These are the details you need for referencing a web document:
    Author/editor’s surname author/editor’s first name or initial. editor [if appropriate]. Title of page. Title of site. Last update or copyright date. URL (Access date).
    Below is a sample reference for a web document.
    Royal College of General Practitioners. The Primary Health Care Team. RCGP website 2003 [cited 2004 Sep 22]; Available from: URL:
  • Article in an online format
    These are the details you need:
    Author’s surname, initials. (Year) Document title. Journal title, Volume (part).
    Below is a sample reference for an online article.
    Drasin, Todd, Dutson, Erik and Gracia, Carlos. Use of a Robotic System as Surgical First Assistant in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery. Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 199(3).
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