Clinical Symptoms of Minor Head Trauma and Abnormal Computed Tomography Scan



Background: Minor head trauma accounts for 70% to 90% of all head traumas. Previous studies stated that minor head traumas were associated with 7% – 20% significant abnormal findings in brain computed tomography (CT)-scans.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to reevaluate clinical criteria of taking brain CT scan in patients who suffered from minor head trauma.

Patients and Methods: We enrolled 680 patients presented to an academic trauma hospital with minor head trauma in a prospective manner. All participants underwent brain CT scan if they met the inclusion criteria and the results of scans were compared with clinical examination finding.

Results: Loss of consciousness (GCS drop or amnesia) was markedly associated with abnormal brain CT scan (P < 0.05). Interestingly, we found 7 patients with normal clinical examination but significant abnormal brain CT scan.

Conclusions: According to the results of our study, we recommend that all patients with minor head trauma underwent brain CT scan in order not to miss any life-threatening head injuries.

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