We ask authors to describe what each author contributed, and these contributions to the work may be published at the editor’s discretion.

Example: Author Contributions: Study concept and design: Fortes, Melchi, and Abeni. Analysis and interpretation of data: Fortes, Mastroeni, and Leffondre. Drafting of the manuscript: Fortes. Critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content: Mastroeni, Leffondre, Sampogna, Melchi, Mazzotti, Pasquini, and Abeni. Statistical analysis: Fortes and Mastoeni.

Yoon Kong Loke developed the original idea and the protocol, abstracted and analyzed data, wrote the manuscript, and is guarantor. Deirdre Price and Sheena Derry contributed to the development of the protocol, abstracted data, and prepared the manuscript.

How to write?

Please clarify and write who was responsible for:
1-    Study concept and design:
2-    Acquisition of data:
3-    Analysis and interpretation of data:
4-    Drafting of the manuscript:
5-    Critical revision of the manuscript for important intellectual content:
6-    Statistical analysis:
7-    Administrative, technical, and material support:
8-    Study supervision:

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